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Pork & Pickles is the coalescence of years as culinary professionals, world travelers, a devotion to locally-sourced, humanely-raised animals, and love for our little corner of Appalachia. We partner with local farms to raise our pigs to be happy, healthy, and ultimately, delicious. Our mission is to provide inventive pickled vegetables, creative, well-crafted sausages, and expertly hand-cut pork products to our community. The scraps from our pickle production are collected to supplement our pigs' diet of natural forage and feed, and we use close to 100% of every animal, making Pork & Pickles a nearly zero-waste operation! We believe in partnerships of equality - superb products in exchange for sustainable income.

Our Farm Partnerships:

Dexter Run Farms, Meigs, Ohio (pork and beef)

Homecoming Farm, Amesville, Ohio (produce)

The Learning Garden (OU Plant Biology and Food Studies Theme), Athens, Ohio (produce)

Cowdery Farm, Longbottom, Ohio (produce)